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General Information

Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis are Christian renewal and leadership events sponsored nationally by the ministry of The Upper Room.   They had their beginnings in the Cursillo movement within the Catholic Church, but are adapted to reflect a generally protestant, and specifically United Methodist, theology today.  In Iowa, our "Emmaus" and "Chrysalis" communities make every effort not to be denomination specific during the weekends.

Upcoming Weekends & Events:

NOTE: A question mark (?) following any item means that this is unconfirmed at the time of posting and may change.

July 10th :

Overnight team meeting for Walks 45 & 46

August 5 - 8, 1999: Men's Walk, #45

Location: Spencer U.M.C.
Lay Director: Jerry Thatcher
Agape' L.D. : Paul Aschinger
Spiritual Director: Paul Hansen

August 12-15, 1999: Womens Walk, #46

Location: Spencer U.M.C.
Lay Director: Rita Thatcher
Spiritual Director: Jane Jordan

February 3-6, 2000: Men's Walk, #47

Locaton: Ogden Community U.M.C.
Lay Director: Mark Platt
Spiritual Director: Dana Wimmer (?)

February 10-13, 2000: Women's Walk, #48

Location: Ogden Community U.M.C.
Lay Director: Deb Platt
Spiritual Director: ?

August 2000: Walk #'s 49 & 50

Location: Spencer U.M.C.
Lay Directors: John & Cheryl Hase
Spiritual Directors: ?

February 2001: Walk #'s 50 & 51

Location: Winterset
Lay Directors: Dan & Judy Archip
Spiritual Directors: ?


wow2anim.gif (16513 bytes) All Iowa, All Community Hoot & Reunion! wow2anim.gif (16513 bytes)

Date: Saturday June 5th 1999
Time: 9:00 PM
Where: Ames, Iowa State Center, Sheman Building

This event is taking place in conjunction with the 1999 session of the United Methodist Iowa Annual Conference.  Everyone in the Cursillo family of communities is invited to come and participate.  See you in Ames!

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